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The Ecobank Fintech Fellowship

The Ecobank Fintech Fellowship is designed to provide opportunities for fellows to explore deals and commercial partnerships and product integration opportunities with the Ecobank group. In addition to networking support, Fellows get to explore integration and commercial opportunities by engaging Ecobank executives over an extended period. All finalists of the Ecobank Fintech Challenge are inducted into the Fellowship. Since 2017, the Fellowship has seen four cohorts: the 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021 cohorts.

The Bootcamp

Every year, the Ecobank Fintech Fellowship kicks off with a Bootcamp which introduces the fellows to the Universe of Ecobank partnership and integration opportunities as well as the requirements and processes for initiating and navigating potential partnership with Ecobank Group.

Sessions with Ecobank executives

The Bootcamp sessions with Ecobank executives generally covers the following topical areas:

  • • Introduction to Doing Business with Ecobank
  • • Introduction of Fellows to the various Business Units and interaction with Heads of Business units
  • • How Fintechs can leverage existing Ecobank Digital Offerings for collaboration with the bank
  • • Integrating with Ecobank: The Journey, Process & Technical Requirements
  • • Legal & Compliance requirements for working with Ecobank
  • • Ecobank’s approach to risk and security management
  • • Session with Group CEO & Senior Leaders
Sessions with our VC & Investor Partners

The Bootcamp provides opportunity for the Fellows to meet and interact with our VC and investor partners from different parts of the globe. Experts from our network of investors and VCs provide insights and coaching to Fellows on modules relevant to the fund raising journey. This also marks the beginnings of potential fundraising exploration by Fellows with our network of investors.

Ecobank Fintech Success Stories

Invest Mobile, 2017 Ecobank Fintech Fellow
Growth Factor, 2020 Ecobank Fintech Fellow